The Shade Continues: Kate Gosselin Screamed at Twins After Today Show Interview

Today - Season 63

What was supposed to be a positive interview with Kate Gosselin and her twins, Cara and Mady, turned into a disaster. The Interview with the Today Show that took place on Jan 16 did not go as planed.

Kate Gosselin is coming under fire yet again, this time with reports saying that she was verbally abusive to Cara and Mady back stage.

“Mady, your words! It’s your chance. Spit it out,” Kate snapped at the twins when they oddly refused to answer questions during the interview. The shade begins here.

Backstage after the show Kate was livid. She thought that the girls would  defend themselves and say that everything was great, their lives where better than and that they loved having cameras in their faces 24/7. Not to mention make Kate look as good as gold…platinum even! Sources back stage say that Kate told them that ‘You embarrassed mommy,’ even going as far as saying ‘she went type-A crazy.’

Gosselin took to twitter painting a completely different story.


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